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Judy Blair Pictorial History Books of Kentucky

The second Grayson County Pictorial History Book, along with Nelson & Bullitt Counties are now in compilation. If you would like to submit photographs for any of the above books, contact office at (270) 862-5338 or (270) 401-5849 or email: kypictorialbooks@yahoo.com :) All photographs will be returned! Color or B&W may be submitted. Photographs may be large, or small. On back of photo or on seperate sheet of paper please I.D. photo as well as you can. The four W's: Who, What, When and Where. If it is a large group identify as many as you can. You may not be able to I.D. all of them. 

Go to: tawanapublishing.com for info on other books already in publication. (Hart, Hardin, Meade, Hancock, LaRue, and Breckinridge Counties.) 



Judy Blair Pictorial History Books of Kentucky